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I’m going to share with you the secret sauce of agent success. Agents are changing their lives and growing their businesses once they understand (and apply!) this single component on a daily basis. The good news is that the “sauce” is manufactured in your own brain. In fact, it’s a chemical cocktail that you can concoct at virtually anytime. How cool is that?!

When you are happy or excited or otherwise rewarded, your brain secrets a neurotransmitter called dopamine. It’s that eager anticipation you get over an upcoming commission, a hot date, or a bite of that oh so decadent cherry cheesecake. This chemical, along with your other “happy” brain chemicals serve a very important purpose. For one thing, they keep you motivated and excited; eager to take action and take on the world. Another point to keep in mind is that your happy chemicals and your stress chemicals (namely cortisol) can’t be at the same cocktail party.

Allow me to also point out what new age philosophers and woo woo teachers were teaching way back when is now almost fully supported by neuroscience and quantum mechanics (most notably the newest branch, “field theory”). That said when your dopamine is surging, your vibrational frequency is soaring, making you a universal magnet for all that is good. Another way to put it is, an agent who experiences more dopamine than cortisol is operating from a place of abundance, while the agent who is stressed out and reactive is operating from a place of scarcity. Now let’s look at something as mundane as door knocking.

If I send two agents out to cover either side of the same street, and one agent operates from a diet of dopamine, while the other one practically lives in “stress city.” The scarcity thinking agent is going to come back and tell me: no one answered, people are rude, I hate door knocking. The other agent, our abundant guy? He’s buzzing from excitement and anticipation. He’s going to tell me: I got one CMA request, two buyer leads, and I met someone who loves to go bowling and invited me to visit his league.

So what gives?

For one thing, people detect energy. Scientific studies recently revealed that people pick up on fear on an unconscious level. And make no mistake about it: stress is fear in sheep’s clothes. This is why the anxious doorknocker will always repel people. Energy is contagious, which is why people were open or eager to talk to the other agent. And of course, the universe is a mysterious field of magnetic energy and truly, you attract in accordance to your expectations. Happy people have positive expectations.

And let me give you one more nugget about how happy chemicals can help you create a 100% referral-based business. Ready? Bring those chemicals out in others. Really. When you help other people feel good (through authentic appreciation, attention, or value) you are, in effect, causing their own chemical cocktails to make them feel good. And when someone feels good because of you, they associate you with being a terrific human being, perfectly worthy of all their referrals (and their business!).

So how can you apply this in your business and your life? Well, that tends to be the real challenge. Agents spend endless dollars and days trying to find the right lead generation site, CRM, or whatever new shiny gadget or social media strategy that comes down the pike. But THIS is the real secret to success. If you can really commit. The biggest challenge is staying focused on positive expectations with excitement and appreciation when things in your world may seem anything but positive.

Here’s some tips that can help:

  • Your physiology dictates your biology. Meaning, that if you feel in a funk or scattered and stressed, just start dancing, laughing, or power posing. This automatically will reduce your cortisol, release your happy chemicals, and even elevate your testosterone—making you feel more confident and courageous.
  • Read books that inspire and excite you! I personally have at least several books going at any given time, from paperbacks, to Kindle, to Audible. I never listen to music when I drive…my car is indeed a university on wheels and my walks are dopamine-delivering itune learning. And if I might be so bold, you can learn a lot about all of this in my book, Mind Over Market. Get it almost free here:
  • Watch or listen to inspirational videos, movies, etc. There are many free YouTube videos and TedTalks that can light your fire.
  • You’ll learn about this if you get the book above, but basically, you need to invest time in your imagination and intention. It’s easy to get off track when we have late bills and bad deals, so it’s critical to stay “tuned in” to the better future that is awaiting you. It’s there…I promise. This form of meditation and creative visualization, mixed with faith and gratitude for what’s yet to be, is the KEY in my book.

Ultimately, I consider my main job as a coach to help agents harness their minds and emotions while building a referral-based business. I practice what I preach and always have a coach as well. It truly can be the wisest investment you make in yourself and your business. If you’d like to see if we’re a good fit to work together, I have two 6-month programs. My Group Program:, and my Executive Program:

Thank you for reading and wishing you an amazing 2017!