“Your internal obsession is simply your higher self urging you to get off the fence and take action. Make it happen. Now.”

Rocky Marciano—undefeated Heavy Weight Champion of the World. The epitome of laser like focus. Also, he had what I call an “internal obsession.” Three months before a fight he would seclude himself from the outside world, including his wife & kids. His attention was on diet, weight and muscle tone. He lived and breathed the upcoming event. Weeks before the fight he’d take no mail or calls. He was the fight. He saw his opponent’s face in the punching bag and in everything he did. Sports writers spent years trying to understand what made Rocky so good in the ring, but they failed to realize it wasn’t just what he did IN the ring, but what he did in his MIND before he ever hit the ring. What an excellent example of discipline, perseverance and mental focus. Imagine what YOU can do with just a fraction of that kind of dedication. The sky really is the limit when you focus with the end in mind.

Maybe your dream of being a top producer, a small business owner or author isn’t exactly like a shot at the heavyweight title,  but it is your life and that makes it pretty important. What areas of your day do you lose your “Marciano focus”? For me personally, if I’m every feeling like not following through with something on my task list, I’ll think of Rocky. The man wouldn’t even shake hands or drive in a car the few days prior to his big day in the ring…is it really so hard to return one more call or skip another handful of chips? We have to maintain that laser like focus in our own lives and for our own goals. Ultimately, you can do anything you set your mind on because where attention goes, energy flows. Make daily disciplines a do or die and like Rocky, you’ll be waving your arms in the air before long.

When I speak to someone that wants to enter my Executive Coaching Program, I ask them one thing: do you have an internal obsession to achieve your goals? Then I tell them about Rocky. So I’ve come up with a short list of questions to help you recognize if you have “it,” because quite frankly, if you don’t, you may want to re-think the idea of investing too much money or time in something that doesn’t mean enough to you to withstand the test of time. Ask yourself the following:

  1. Do I want “it” so badly that it wakes me up at night?
  2. Am I willing to make sacrafices in nearly every area of my life to make it happen?
  3. Do I spend any free time I have planning, creating or dreaming toward it?
  4. Am I willing to take action everyday, no matter how large or small, to take me closer  to  it?
  5. Is it my favorite topic under the sun to talk and think about?

and finally the big one:

      6. Am I willing to step outside of my comfort zones and bust through my subconscious ceiling in order to achieve it?


It’s pretty sad, if  you ask me, when so many of us put our dreams away for a more “realistic” life. In my estimation, following our heartfelt passions is about as real as it gets. I feel pretty sure that we each are born with gifts and talents that we are meant to take out to the world and share in the name of service…for which of course, we are greatly and abundantly rewarded for our badass-ness.

Maybe it’s time you looked at the dream that keeps you up and night and ask yourself if today’s the day you’d like to make it happen. What? You think it’s too late? It’s never too late. If it’s in your heart, it’s time to start. You internal obsession is simply your higher self urging you to get off the fence and take a stand. Make it happen. Now.

Thanks for reading!


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