Teaching the powers of Mindfulness, Imagination, and Communications, Tamara helps your employees become more productive, effective, and motivated.

The success of any business is largely dependent on its employees. Employees are people. The secret to successful companies has everything to do with their employee’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. An employee’s overall well-being has everything to do with how they communicate with themselves and others. Tamara’s corporate trainings are built around this premise and can be delivered to staff, management, or a combination audience in a customized format.



  • Team Building 
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Client Attraction & Retention
  • Vision Building
  • Stress-Reduction (Mindfulness at Work)


Tamara is communications expert who specializes in sales, conflict management, and neuro-psychology geared toward vision-crafting and goal-getting, and consumer psychology. Her corporate teaching is based largely on the research on content of her book above.

If you’re a corporation, state or federal agency please contact Tamara to learn how she can help you create effective change within your business culture. Brain-based Training means your staff learns how to better manage their own minds and emotions as well as their prospects, clients, and co-workers through a more mindful approach to sales and communications and conflict.

Previous clients include staff and management teams of:

Cal Trans, The City of Roseville, Atascadaro State Hospital, Neillo Auto, The Old Sugar Mill Winery, Harcourt, Keller Williams,  Sacramento State, National University, Department of Social Services, Department of Public Health (AIDS), Department of Public Health (Nurses), Women’s Council of Realtors, and numerous real estate events and companies. The Virginia  Association of Realtors, The Nebraska Association of Realtors, REBAR Camp Florida, and more.

Armed with a graduate degree in communications, two decades in sales, and advanced studies in the neuroscience of success, Tamara offers training programs that can help your staff massively elevate their performance. Tamara is a long-time college & university professor and training facilitator.


To schedule a time to speak to Tamara about a custom-designed workshop, key note event, or other corporate training, please email her at: Tamara2@surewest.net or call her at: 916.482.5834