Are You Ready?

Do You Have a BIG VISION that you’re PASSIONATE about? Tamara helps big thinkers get to the next step. She specializes in helping executives, sales people, and entrepreneurs take a quantum leap where it matters most: Their minds. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of action to take too, however, Tamara bases her practice on the fact that all change must start within.

If you’ve read Tamara’s books, then you know that what she teaches is based on both science and spirituality. But if it’s all so true, then why is it so hard to put into practice? That’s the question many of her readers and clients have asked over the years. The simple answer is that while these techniques DO WORK, oftentimes we tend to get in our own way. The trouble then become that we can’t even see what it is we’re doing to block our own success.

If you’re not getting what you want in life, it boils down to one of two things.

  • You haven’t created a big enough vision for yourself, and/or
  • You focus (even if unconsciously) more on the absence of it than the creation of it

Either or both of those issues is what holds you back from the life you love, and living the life you love STARTS NOW. There is never a “when I get/do/have this…I’ll be great.” NOW is all there is. The trick is not to work harder to get more so you can be the person you dream of. In fact, it’s the exact OPPOSITE! The key is to BE the person has has what you want, starting NOW. Once you shift your energy (thoughts and emotions) to the best version of who you know you can be, you’ll start having all that you could ever hope for.



That’s it. But those two things can be the difference in living a life you love or living a life you’re trying to “get through.” To that end, Tamara offers single sessions, classes, and group coaching to help people discover their dreams and overcome their obstacles, while cultivating the high vibe lifestyle that those dreams are made of.