Before  you judge me, ahem, let me just say, I didn’t actually interview myself for my own personal pleasure (it puts the lotion on…), but rather, out of necessity for my sanity. While I’m plenty used to interviewing other authors, I’m not so used to being the one in the hot-seat. However,  there’s a show I’ve been invited to be on in a few weeks that has asked me to prepare THIRTY QUESTIONS. Thirty questions? I can’t even count that high.  So, I decided, to conduct this prep-interview to see if I could swing it.

me asks:  So Tamara, why did you decide to write a humor fiction after several non-fiction?

me answers:  I dunno.  I guess because  a person can only write so many books about personal development before her head explodes.

me asks: Hmmm. Does this new book focus on personal development?

me answers: I think so. I mean, I can’t escape from it, but it’s not in-your-face or preachy. It’s a funny story.

me asks:  Can you tell us the premise of the book?

me answers: Is this a rhetorical question?  Well, one thing I find interesting is how people get labeled as gurus so easily, especially with the Internet, so I kinda wanted to make fun of that. That was the main premise that started the idea for the book.

me asks: You say that the main character is made up, yet she seems to be a wine-drinking real estate agent who does yoga?

me answers: Complete coincidence.

me says:   Ah huh.

me answers:  Really! I mean, even though the real estate snafus the main character gets herself into have all happened to me, it’s still all just a cosmic coincidence.

me asks:  Then if the book makes fun of gurus, what about Tony Robbins?

me answers: Don’t go there. Tony is a god.

me asks: Let’s talk about yoga.

me answers:  If we must.

me asks:  What’s your favorite pose?

me answers:  Corpse. Contrary to how it looks, laying there just right takes real talent.

me asks: The book talks about some  metaphysical concepts, like feng shui and astrology. Are  you making fun of them?

me answers: Heavens no. Why, does it sound like it?

me asks: It’s hard to tell. The main character seems…well, a bit neurotic.

me answers:  Another coincidence.

me asks:  So does this book have sex in it?

me answers: No. Sex is dirty. It makes me blush. Okay, seriously, the sequel has the tiniest implication of a slumber party.

me answers: You have other novels coming out this year?

me answers:  Yes, but those don’t have sex in them either, you dirty bird.

me asks:  Are your other novels also humorous?

me answers:  You’re not really a dirty bird. And no, only the Guru trilogy is humor. The others are drama, suspense…but there’s always that element of  spirituality.

me asks: So who does your hair?

me answers:  We’re really stretching it here, aren’t we? My daughter Kelly does my hair, why, need a perm?

me asks:  Not really. Well, that was a great interview. Any last words for our listeners?

me answers:  Yes!  Can you please send me more questions, because I cannot think of any more and I honestly hope I’m not reduced to talking about my cats.

me says: Please, not the cats.

me answers:  Piss off.


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