Change Your Story, Change Your Life

In researching a new book I'm working on (Inside the Buyer's Brain), I'm discovering the power of story in helping to attract prospects and actually sell to them. We are a culture of story lovers, and this is nothing new. From the Biblical days to Shakespeare, to...

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This is Too Hard!

At least once a week I get a PM from someone whose read my Morty book or my real estate book saying this same thing. In fact, in my real estate coaching club, we address it often, too. It goes like this: What am I doing wrong? Why is this so hard? When will it start...

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Help! The Pilot is Flying Blind!

The other day I was chatting with someone who was interviewing me on his podcast and he seemed honestly perplexed over the term “conscious creation.” It was pretty clear to me that he thought it was a new-age, woo woo term, which I quickly corrected. “You do want to...

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Sneak Peek Preface Post

I've been outta my mind excited about my new book project. And I SWEAR it's going to be my last non-fiction book in all of ever. Or at least until next year. Anywaaaaay...I'm totally on fire about all the amazing visionaries I've been researching and writing about,...

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