Tamara Dorris

tamara dorris

Responsible Little You Part 2

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.Actually, I mean drive responsibly and let’s wrap up our discussion on taking responsibility. Once we grasp the importance and liberation of taking the rap for our  crap (rhymes are fun), we can start to create new crap. Wait. You know what I mean. We can …

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tamara dorris

Talking to Second-Graders

So I went to speak to a class of cute second-graders the other day (of course I’m kidding, second-graders are not cute) to see if they had any questions I could answer that might help them navigate through life better, or at least elementary school.  Plus, I heard that guest-speakers get free cookies and milk. I like cookies. …

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tamara dorris

The Science of Intention

The science of intention just got sexier, and by that I mean, there’s been some major new developments that are so awesome and easy to apply that you can start immediately. Lynne McTaggart is a one of my all-time favorite science authors who has not only been a relentless researcher into intentions and the quantum field, but she’s …

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mindset myth

The Mindset Myth

If I had a grape for every time I heard “You need to change your mindset myth” rattled off from a zillion trainers and self help authors over the years, I’d own a damn vineyard by now. Having worked in the real estate industry nearly three decades(while simultaneously teaching, coaching, and researching neuroscience) I can’t tell …

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tamara dorris

Orgone Pyramids

Since I keep getting so many questions about Orgone Pyramids and requests for my pyramids, I thought I would make a post that explains them more fully. Now, if you are simply interested in ordering one and couldn’t give two hoots about what they do and how they can serve you, you can skip to …

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