Tamara Dorris

Binaural Beat Abundance Guided Medicreation

Binaural Beat Abundance Guided Medicreation

Using specially-engineered beats and tones, Tamara will create a custom guided meditation or hypnotherapy session specifically for you and your intentions. Here is the difference between the two:

Guided Meditation


Uses alpha beats for light relaxation

Uses Binaural beats for deeper relaxation

Can be used anytime of the day and includes slight relaxation and breathwork prior to visual suggestion

Is used prior to sleep (night time) and includes induction and sleep suggestion

Instills a sense of excitement related to your intention and is designed to communicate with your conscious mind mostly

Uses hypnotic suggestions that may seem unrelated to your intentions but are designed to work with your subconscious mind mostly

Typically speaking, hypnotherapy is best used for breaking or instilling habits, cultivating self-love, or inner child work. Meditations are used to help instill your intention whether it’s to attract clients, write a book, or attract a mate. Either can be used for the same thing. For example, if someone wants to lose weight, they may wish to use night time programming to overcome overeating and instill healthy food choices, which also using a day time guided meditation to focus on the outcome of a strong, slimmer body. Thus, doing both options can be even more effective and such an order will result in two completely different audios.

Either audio session is approximately 20 minutes long and both options are best used with headphones or ear bud (essential with hypnotherapy sessions). NEITHER are to be used when driving or at any time your waking attention is required. These are closed-eyed sessions that should be done in the safety of your own home or office where you will have 20 minutes of time to relax or before going to bed for the evening.

Fees: $150 each or $250 for both.

Please email Tamara at Dorris351@gmail.com for email interview of your desired outcome.

Disclaimer:  Tamara Dorris is not a licensed mental health provider. She is a certified hypnotherapist and make no claims of diagnosing or curing any physical or medical affliction. If you have a medical issue or a mental health emergency, please contact a licensed professional.