As I research boatloads of studies on neuroscience, psychology and quantum physics for my new book–as well as continue to conduct workshops and coaching calls–one thing becomes glaringly true for intention-setters far and wide: our belief system can really suck. And I mean that in the most scholarly way. In fact, it’s our bad beliefs that can actually cause the scientifically-supported studies to fall  by the wayside, make even Albert Einstein’s ideas seem somewhat unlikely and cause oodles of people to write off these ideas like last week’s diet.

Let’s face the truth here: most of us should put our inner-toddler on time out. While I have complete confidence in the things I write about and teach, I also recognize that most of us are pretty hard-headed (I’m including myself in that statement, so don’t throw rice quite yet…or is that for weddings? Hey, weddings have champagne!). And others of us apparently have ADD and like weddings. That said, beliefs are the biggest challenge we face in trying to get our intentions to come true.

It’s important to understand that our subconscious minds comprise approximately 97% of our thinking and most of that goes on beneath the surface like a bad ice berg. Sure, this portion of our brain handles things in our automatic nervous system, because hey, who wants to stay up all night long to keep their heart beating? But the subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between good and bad or right or wrong. That is why with a dedicated Medicreation practice, you can change negative beliefs and move mountains and things (okay, I don’t have any scientific evidence of mountain moving quite yet, but I’m working on it). Maintaining a clear image of your intention along with the emotion of appreciation of having had it come true works on both a neurological and quantum physics level.

That means it can change your bad beliefs because beliefs are simply thoughts we have thought long enough that neurons connected and created neuropathways that cemented those thoughts in, causing emotions, expectations and actions that were in alignment with those beliefs. Simple stuff, really.

So why then doesn’t everyone Medicreate?

Or meditate?

Or wear cuter clothes?

Okay, seriously, I have concluded that some people–quite a few actually–have subconscious beliefs that keep them from taking the plunge. Think about it. If I say to you (and I do), that by doing this free little practice everyday for 20 minutes and then doing your best to stay in alignment with  your intentions really makes a huge difference in your results (and it does) then why wouldn’t someone at least give it a try…prove me wrong?  Bad belifs.

So it goes like this: when you were a cute little tyke, you were forming your ideas about the world around you. Some of those ideas were, well, not true. If parents or teachers or caregivers had their own struggles–as most people do–they may not have provided the most loving, ideal conditions for you. Because your experiences helped to mold you, each negative experience was internalized and whether you meant to or not, you gave it a meaning. Usually the meaning was about you not being good enough or worthy or lovable or deserving. Now not all of us grew us with these beliefs, but trust me, plenty of people did.

As those interpretations became reinforced and neuropathways formed, we grew up with ideas, emotions, expectations and eventually actions that cemented those false ideas into place. So here you are today wondering why in the heck it’s so hard to sit down, listen to some soundwaves and get all excited about your intentions. Are you with me so far? It’s probably not the ADD you blame it on, but rather, on beliefs you formed when you were young. If your subconscious mind has been programmed to think you can’t have the big things in life you want, why would it allow you to sit and Medicreate feeling all the emotion of having the very intention you dream of?

Hey, don’t short change the power of the subconscious. That sucker maintains 100 trillion cells, keeps your lungs breathing, your blood filtered and your heart beating. It’s got some mad skills and is a bit of a control freak, so don’t think for a minute that if it “believes” you aren’t worthy of finding Mr. Right that it’s going to let anything close to even Mr. Okay enter your awareness. Make sense? That’s how the subconscious operates–all or nothing. It’s in it for life. Your life.

So the only solution, little lamb, is to circumvent the crap-ola and work around  and with the subconscious mind. For starters, try really hard to get your Medicreation practice on. Listening to these sound waves is SO instrumental in reprogramming beliefs that no longer serve you. Another product I like to help keep in alignment with my intentions is the power of Mind Movies (it costs a few bucks, but it’s a pretty awesome tool that you can use for years to come). Of course, you can come to my workshops or join my coaching calls, but ultimately, it’s about identifying your beliefs and taking them to the trash. Oh! You can read my books too!

Discovering negative beliefs that no longer serve you is as easy as looking at what’s not working in your life. Simply identify something that isn’t as you’d like it to be and ask yourself what must you believe to be having that experience. Keep asking until you get to a belief about yourself that rings true, and then ask yourself, is it really true? Bet you it isn’t. Look at the reasons that might have caused you to form that belief (Mommy was always mad, Daddy drank a lot, Teacher said I was dumb, etc.) and ask yourself could there  have been a different reason besides you being dumb (or whatever). Remember, you had nothing to do with any of it; you just told yourself you did as a way to make sense of it all.

Above all else, do whatever you need to do to stay inspired, feel appreciation and love. Let go of anything and everything that no longer serves you. Stay in alignment with your intentions, always.
Love you boatloads. Read my books and call me sometime. xoxoxo