I’m serious. I’ve never done it before. What? You think I’m kidding? I swear on all that is holy I have never once, not in twelve books written, ever had a book launch event. Why, what did YOU think I was talking about? Keep it clean, would you? Kids are reading.  *Ahem* Anyway, my new book is just so different than my others (and you’ll have to read it to understand why) that I felt the need to celebrate the publication. That said, I decided to buy a bunch of champagne, have some gourmet cupcakes (that match the book cover for Pete’s sake!) and sign some books. It’s only for an hour and I only have enough sweets and sips for about 100 people, so hopefully five or so will show up and I can take the booze and cupcakes home with me.

Seriously, go to this link and RSVP if you plan on stopping by. Oh, and only if I know you or you’ve read my books or blogs. Wait a minute…you’d have to read my blog in order to see this wouldn’t you?  Hmmm….so never mind that last part.  After all, I can’t just serve champagne to total strangers. Not when there are drunks starving in bars all over the world. Date: This Saturday, June 28th (my cousin’s birthday if you want to get her something—please say it is from me too. What? She is making the gourmet cupcakes so you could at least get her a gift *jeesh*). Time:  4-5 pm.

Place: Arden Hot Yog 4128  El Camino, Sac, 95825.

Do not worry, it will not be hot and you will not need to do yoga in order to qualify for a cupcake. Arden Hot Yoga is just being kind enough to host this little event for me because I am so dang nice. However, if you ARE interested in yoga, coincidentally, Arden Hot Yoga is holding a FREE Yoga Sampler Class right before the book launch 3-4. The sampler will explain and demo a few different kinds of yoga, and you can play along if you like or simply watch. Arden Hot Yoga rocks. So buy a book, become a yogi, and see you there.

What’s the dang book about?

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