I’m all about any kind of tool that can help us stay on track and in the right state of mind to better intend and attract (even though I KNOW that our imaginations, meditations, actions, and attitudes are the true game-changers). That said, you may be familiar with the term “vision boards.” Back in time, like way before that term became popular, we used to call them ‘treasure maps.’ Let’s look at the basic neurological reason they can be very effective, and then allow me to introduce you to another idea that can augment or even replace your vision board.

A vision board is essentially a collection of images that you want to attract into your life. Some people even have vision board parties where several people bring poster boards and magazines and hopefully scissors, and of course paste. It’s like a preschool party with wine. Anyway, it usually looks like a collage of cool things found in magazines. You know, thin thighs, big diamonds, fancy mansions, cool cars. And of course, the well-thought out envisioner will include images that represent health, love, and happiness.

All good, right? So here’s the theory: that by constantly seeing your vision board, the images become almost subliminally soaked into your subconscious brain.  The pro: your subconscious brain may think you  already have these things and lead you to behaviors that actually help you acquire them. The possible downside: your conscious brain doesn’t buy it for a minute, due to subconscious blocks, thus every time you look at the  thing, you realize you don’t have a dang item on it.

IF you fall into the latter category, consider a Belief Board. I thought of it when I was writing The Law of Distraction & Art of Intention,  in which we’re encouraged to keep a Joy Journal. A Joy Journal is just a recording of good things that happen to you that you can refer back to in times of stress and self doubt. And think about it. Our boss can compliment us and have us feeling on top of the world, but five minutes later a long line at the bank has us all stressed out again, right? So the trick is (and our main challenge in life in fact), to stay focused on the good. When we stay focused on the good, we are not only happier, but we’re also in a better position to attract things that we desire.

For myself, I printed out a bunch of terrific book reviews I’ve gotten on Those make me smile like a drunken sailor. What? Drunk sailors smile. Anyway, I paste those to a poster board, along with some heartfelt emails from students or clients that really made me smile. You get the idea. Maybe you add birthday cards that speak to your soul or photos from events, pictures of awards, any kind of ‘proof’ that you are awesome (because you are).

So now what happens when you see that thing all the time is that your conscious mind has no argument. It can’t say that those things did not take place. That shit went down and it knows it. Further, it REMINDS it that you are worthy and wonderful. Then, on a subconscious level, your sense of self worth increases as well. See? Happy, happy, happy.

If you don’t do a board, try a Joy Journal or Joy Jar. Just jot down fabulous things and keep a record. Read ’em often, Remember how great you are. Remember, anything you can do to keep your focus positive is good medicine.


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I love you madly,