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My name is Tamara Dorris, I’m an author, coach, and college professor and my mission in life is to teach people how to use their thoughts and their energy to change their brains and increase their coherence.

What is coherence?
Coherence is when your intentions, actions, thoughts, SUBCONSCIOUS thoughts, and emotions are all in alignment. For most people, that’s very rare. But through decades or research, writing, application, and coaching, I have found a way to do just that.

This isn’t a one hit wonder. It’s not a one and done, you’re-going-to-be-a-millionaire-by-morning false promise, yet it is a promise indeed. If you do the work (which is NOT very time consuming at all!), and exert the effort, everything—and I do mean EVERYTHING—can be different and better in your life faster than you might currently think is possible.
Tamara Dorris can help you achieve a more abundant business…
Tamara Dorris can help you have more time for yourself, for your family, and fun time…(P.S. one of the secrets of success is to schedule MORE fun time!)…

Tamara Dorris can help you wake up each day feeling completely energized and NOT having to worry about where your next paycheck or client is going to come from…
Basically, I Can Help You Create The Life You Say You Want But That’s Always Seemed Just Out Of Reach (hint: it isn’t)
And from helping hundreds of clients, I noticed that when I helped them improve one area of their life, things like their health, relationships, and finances, ALWAYS improve as well.

Baby Tamara Bio:

I’ve been researching psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics for 25 years. I’m a college and university professor and the author of 20+ books. My degrees include a master’s in communications, a bachelor’s in psychology, and I am a certified hypnotherapist and an EFT practitioner. I have trained, taught, and coached countless others who understood their ability to manage their minds and emotions was the real key to unlimited success. Will you be next?

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Tamara Dorris

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