Tamara Dorris

About Tamara Dorris

Tamara Dorris is an author, coach, and college professor and  her mission (obsession)  in life is to teach people how to use their thoughts and their energy to manifest their intentions.

EVERYTHING—can be different and better in your life faster than you might currently think is possible.
Tamara Dorris can help you achieve a more abundant business…

A more healthy body..

…and  help you have more time for yourself, for your family, and fun time…(P.S. one of the secrets of success is to schedule MORE fun time like she does out in the sun on the back of her boat!).

Baby Tamara Bio:

Tamara Dorris is a college and university professor, long time coach, researcher and author of 22 books. She holds a master’s in communications, a bachelor’s in psychology, is a certified hypnotherapist and an EFT practitioner.  She’s also skilled and trained in AO Scanner, Healy, Rife, Sound Healing (beats and tuning forks), and Radionics.

Tamara Dorris

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