Tamara Dorris

About Tamara Dorris

Tamara Dorris, MA is an author, coach, and college professor and  her mission (obsession)  in life is to help people  use their thoughts and their energy to manifest their intentions. She holds a degree in psychology, a masters in communication, and has been a certified hypnotherapist for 22 years.

With 30 years in the real estate industry, she has been an agent, team leader, top producer, professor, author, and interviewer, it was a natural step to marry her mind over matter techniques and teachings to the industry that she knows so well. Combining her experience and expertise she works with real estate professionals to help them create more consistent income with less stress by learning and apply her alignment processes.


Baby Tamara Bio:

Tamara Dorris is a college and university professor, long time coach, researcher and author of 22 books. She holds a master’s in communications, a bachelor’s in psychology, is a certified hypnotherapist and a certified EFT expert.  She’s also skilled and trained in energy work, sound technology, and neuroscience.