It’s so easy to lose site of what’s important, especially this time of the year, that I felt a former client’s recent testimonial might lend insight for those who are doing the work I teach. Kevin is a magnificent human being and this is in his own words (posted with permission):

Kevin Grimes  recommends Mind Over Matter with Tamara Dorris, CHT.

My Trip with Tamara

Medicreation works! …the do’s and don’ts.

My trip down the medicreation road with Tamara began a few years ago. I was faced with challenges in my career and life, and although I had followed some basic teachings regarding quantum physics, spirituality, and creating my own destiny, something was missing. That something was Tamara and her ways. She taught me about medicreation, the ability to meditate and envision my future, believing what I was seeing wholeheartedly, therefor setting my intentions to create my new reality. Every morning I closed my eyes, listened to her speak, envisioned, believed, and finished up feeling refreshed and inspired. Tamara’s instruction were very simple yet very specific, and here lies my failure.

All was going well. Business was coming to me and growing, the money was flowing, and the world was at my fingertips. I suffered a family crisis at this time but I stayed the course and continued my daily medicreation routine. My focus began to change but I didn’t really think it was a big deal as money results in success, right? I inadvertently adjusted my medicreation vision to include the flow of money resulting in my final outcome. After all, money results in success, right? My business continued to grow, and a second business was started and growing, money was flowing in, and now my medicreation included the flow of money more than the final outcome since…money results in success, right?

My final outcome I would envision seemed to take a back seat because I just knew that if I had the money, I could buy my dreams. Well, my family crisis escalated and took a front seat as my mother was diagnosed with cancer and she needed my attention. Interestingly, I preached my same “hippie” beliefs and told her every day that the doctors are giving her half the medicine. The other half of the medicine is “Gratitude” because when you express gratitude, even for the littlest of things, the Universe gives you more to be grateful for. Fast forward to today…. Mom went from Stage 4 to full remission, even undergoing brain surgery for a tumor that developed. I continue to remind her about being grateful to this day.

During this time, I had to be the rock, show no fear or emotion. This took a toll on me and medicreation went my the wayside. During the height of successfully medicreating, my income hit 253K. That’s when things changed, and my focus went from envisioning my final outcome, to making the flow of money the priority because…money results in success, right? Wrong! The increased income was nice, but along with that came the increased debts and obligations of two businesses. As much as was coming in, as much as was flowing out. Shifting focus to caring for my mother put a damper on my daily medicreation routine, and although I would still keep it in my head and think about it all the time, I wasn’t dedicating the necessary time. The following year, my income dropped a whopping 93K, then the next year, another 40K. My focus was money and I lost sight of my final outcome, I stopped medicreating altogether, and I spiraled. Now you may have done the math and are thinking that hey, this guy is still in the 6 figure category, but I continue to run two businesses with all the responsibilities and obligations. One is suffering and the other is growing, not at the rate I need it to grow, but my goal is to bring them both back around.

How am I going to do this?
Tamara’s Medicreation AND doing it right this time. Staying focused on her simple yet very specific instructions. It’s not about money…I had it backwards. I “let” myself twist things around. Money results in success, right? Nope! Your envisioned success will create the means necessary for your happiness. You may think that you need 253K to be happy. Who knows, maybe you do, maybe I do, but what I have learned is that regardless of the amount, I have to stay focused on my final outcome because whatever income that is required for it to become a reality is secondary. Focusing on the end goal will bring about what is necessary to make it a reality.

Stay tuned as I jump back on my trail…