Admittedly, I felt a little bit like Good Will Hunting as I was drawing up this diagram, but it really helped me understand some things in preparation for my own 33-Day Alignment Challenge.

Notice how the top of the Energy Scale is Love/Joy/Appreciation and the bottom is Fear/Rejection/Depression, and that to attract our Big Ass Intention (Ideal Outcome), we’ve got to be in alignment with that top energy. And what does it mean to be in alignment? It means YOUR energy has to be the same as the energy of the ideal outcome you’re desiring.

And what is your energy? Your thoughts (electric), your emotions (magnetic/biologic), and your actions (mechanical). If your own energy isn’t in alignment with your intentions, you’ll never experience them. Think about it. If your intention is to own a multi-million dollar business, you have to think, act, and feel like someone who already owns a multi-million dollar business, right? And if you were doing that, you’d already have it. It’s physics.

At the bottom of the scale, we have fear. I personally believe that excessive fear and rejection descend into depression, but I have no science to back that up (yet). At any rate, let’s understand that today, most everyone is overwhelmed in one way or another which leads to anxiety, and anxiety is just another form of fear. Anxiety takes us immediately out of alignment with our intentions.

What’s important to remember is that human brain was hardwired to survive, and that anything at all that threatens that survival is grounds for alarm. That means that a late bill, a sarcastic comment, or a deal gone bad will alert your brain that your very survival is in danger and you’d better run or fight. It will assist in the mission by filling your body up with all the stress hormones that make you want to explode at someone else or implode your own energy in negative ways (think heart attacks & addictions). This is how anxiety can absolutely destroy your dreams.

Another thing I address a lot since I work with sales people is fear of rejection. First off, recognize that this fear, too is based on our basic biology. Being rejected is indeed a threat to our survival since being loved and accepted is another human need. So just the idea of someone turning you down (for a job, date, sale) often keeps you from asking. Rejection violates our biological need to be accepted and adored.

If we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we could have our biggest intention by simply keeping in alignment with it, why aren’t we all doing it? Isn’t there plenty of proof? I mean, between scientific studies, spiritual writings, and so many famous examples, it seems apparent that there’s little secret to the secret, right?

The answer is simple. Not easy, but simple. How can we stay in alignment with our Big Ass Intention when our basic biology is always in full-force reminding us we don’t have it? All we see is example after example of how we don’t have our desires. That’s why we have to stop looking at the wrong evidence long enough and every day in ways that remind us what the intended outcome will feel like when we do have it. See? Simple. In our daily, illusory reality, however, this can seem impossible, and that’s exactly why we have to escape it by disconnecting from the external, and attending to the internal.

Notably, when we’re at the lower end of the energy scale, our focus is on self. We’re worried about surviving, protecting, and getting things that soothe our own selves. Even fear of rejection is selfish in nature. If we were focused on serving the person we’re calling, there would be no fear. Conversely, the top of the energy scale, where love/joy/appreciation live, there is a focus on others. When we are focused on self, we’re concerned with getting our own needs met. When we are focusing on others, we’re more interested in giving (think of how much you enjoy giving someone special a great gift–it’s that energy).

This is because when we’re in alignment with our intentions and our higher selves, we recognize that we are all interconnected and interdependent. Anything we give to others, we give to ourselves. If you think about your own life and a time you were overwhelmed with gratitude, say over a birthday party someone threw for you, didn’t you find yourself feeling extremely generous toward others? People who live at the top of the scale tend to give before getting. They are more selfless.

Check your energy every day. Set an alarm to go off throughout the day if you need to. When you catch yourself pissed off or otherwise distressed, STOP, think of your intentions and how good you’ll feel when you have them. At first you may have to stand up and dance (change your body, change your brain), or laugh (creating endorphins that wash away stress), or do something (anything) to bring your focus and feeling back into the present with one foot in your happy future.

Get a Joy Journal (or use a notebook) to record your progress everyday. Use it to record your blessings, special surprises (cosmic coincidences), and just talk about your Big Ass Intention (Ideal Outcome) and all the excitement it entails. After even a few days, you’ll start to become more aware of where you’re putting your attention and how it effects your energy. We must always aim for the top of the energy scale, since that’s where our creative power is. And with this awareness and effort, you’ll start to be more careful and conscious how you spend your time and thoughts.

Remember, nothing that happens in the daily ups and downs of life is worth keeping you low on the energy scale, because when you let it, you are actively allowing your Big Ass Intention to remain eternally out of reach, when it’s been there waiting for you to simply climb the scale and own it.

 If you’d like to join the 33-Day Alignment Challenge (and it can begin it TODAY; no need to wait for a new month to start!), you can do it on your own or you can comment on this Facebook page/post and share your comments and questions. Simply print out a 33-day calendar, and each day you either get a happy face, a sad face, or a middle of the road face: 🙂 or 🙁 or :-/  if at the end of 33 days of daily, honest assessment, you can manage mostly happy faces, you’ll also notice that things are happening at a crazy, fast and amazing pace for you and your wildest dreams. Ride the wave. Keep going. This is just the beginning.

Don’t forget to journal every day!

May all your Big Ass Intentions find you,