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I just started reading “The Magic,” by Rhonda Byrne. I like her a lot. Mainly because she practices what she preaches and it shows up in everything she does. Also, she has nice hair. I decided, per Rhonda’s advice, to make a list of things I am grateful for. Of course, it’s probably no surprise, that wine was one of my top ten items. Now, before you criticize me for being grateful for wine, let me just remind you that if wine wasn’t worth being grateful about, why in the heck would Jesus turn water into it, right?

Speaking of Jesus, I’ve been dealing with a dilemma lately that I have finally resolved. It started on Saint Patrick’s Day when some very well-meaning fans of Jesus came knocking on my door to save my soul . I did what I always do when someone I don’t know knocks on my door; hide under the kitchen table. And the big red dog does the only thing she’s really good at; bark. After the soul-savers left, I snuck out to the front porch to see what goodies I heard them leaving behind (you never know, it could be gummy bears!).

Anyway, what I found was a nice little shiny flyer inviting me to have all my questions about the Bible answered once and for all. What got me though, was the art work.  It featured a beautiful picture of Jesus with neatly cut brown hair and a meticulously trimmed beard. I didn’t know they had Great Clips in Heaven, but whatever. So here’s this smiling Jesus, holding his hand out to me, inviting me to Bible Study. I don’t know about you, but something about throwing Jesus away just seems wrong. I can barely bring myself to delete Chris Brogan’s blog posts, and that’s after I read them.

So there he sat, on the kitchen table for a week. Every now and then my insensitive husband would walk by and say, “Can’t throw Jesus away, can you?” I smirked and ignored him like I always do when he’s right. Then it dawned on me. I could recycle him! (Jesus, not my husband) Now just hear me out before you write me off as that wine-drinking weird woman who thinks facebook is for cat photos.

I have the greatest respect for all religions and have studied most of them. In fact, when my kids were growing up, I took them to every kind of service I could find. I’ve always been theologically-curious, so my kids got to cash in on it too. And yes, the nude Pagan Festival when they were in elementary school might have been pushing it. But my basic upbringing was Christian, so me and Jesus, we go way back. That said, throwing him away just seemed wrong. I mean, what? Toss egg shells and coffee grounds on his smiling face? No way. My Jesus picture with the Great Clips hair cut was going to be recycled.

Isn’t the whole idea of recycling to give something more life? I found this idea somehow comforting. Kind of like I’m doing my fair share of spreading the Good Word, you know? Hey, I may be neurotic, but I sleep well at night. When I see someone standing on the street divider with a sign asking for food, my husband always shakes his head. I say, “It could be Jesus!” and he says, “He’s got better shoes than I do.” But, I remind him, no one ever said Jesus wouldn’t come back in Nikes. Besides, we cannot take the Second Coming of Christ too seriously, regardless of fashion sense.

So another thing I put on my list of gratitude that I’m making for my BFF Rhonda Byrne, is that we live in a country so rich with diversity. I know some people pick on other people’s opinion about politics, guns, and where I get my hair done (my daughter…wait for it…works at Great Clips….hmmmmm).

Anyway, be grateful, share what you have, read the book on gratitude,pray and love.

Oh, and bring me some wine and gummy bears when you get a chance.


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