With the New Year underway, let’s wave a big BYE-BYE to 2020 and use that hindsight to set our sights on making 2021 an outstanding intention-manifesting year!

Join me and a select group of like-minded individuals for this special mastermind where we will escort out the past and invite in the new through practices and processes that will help you get very clear on your intentions for each area of your life. Transformational healing, deep Medicreations, writing prompts, and group work. It’s going to be FABULOUS!!!

This event will be kept intentionally small so that everyone receives personal attention and gets real results.

Here’s some of what you’ll experience:

  • Updated training in the science and spirit of manifestation
  • Reiki healing
  • Releasing and forgiving the past
  • Worksheets to print out before the event
  • At least two deep Medicreations (AND the recorded event so you can listen as often as you like!!!)
  • Group work, plenty of Q & A and interaction

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Journal or something to write with
  • The printed out worksheets you’ll be sent prior
  • A quiet, comfy space and good internet connection
  • If you’d like to bring Cacao or other drink to make the meditations more ceremonial, that’s great, but not required

Here’s what to do:

Sign up! This is NOT a webinar, powerpoint class. This is an interactive learning, intending, Medicreating workshop and mastermind, so think of it more like a meeting or a class (in other words, have your camera on so we can all connect!)

PS if you are a current or past client of Tamara, please contact her directly for the discounted, client link