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I’m Tamara Dorris, and if you’ve got a big goal, I can help.

Whether it’s owning an empire, opening a business, writing a book, or starting a coaching business, if it’s BIG, you’ll need someone to help navigate the internal landscape that is 99% of the process. Yes, that much.

Most people are walking around in survival mode, either consciously or unconsciously, waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s next to impossible to create a vision and live on purpose when your monkey mind can’t manage to manifest more than a migraine. I help people define their Ideal Outcomes and then learn to live FROM that space, which is largely an inside job. The reason most of us don’t have what we want (and won’t ever get it) is because we’re blind to our own beliefs, disconnected from our higher selves, and haven’t learned to create change from the inside out.

Whether you subscribe to evidenced-based science or are a more spiritually-bound individual, I work with a combination approach that blends both and delivers the most effective results.

I help entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, speakers,designers, actors, and salespeople create lifetime skills that take them closer to their visions. I also help small businesses, executives, and state agencies. Basically anyone who has a big goal can benefit from my books and coaching programs.

Look around, watch my free classes, read one of my books, and let’s get your business (and life) to that place you absolutely know it’s meant to be.





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The Mindset Myth

If I had a grape for every time I heard “You need to change your mindset” rattled off from a zillion trainers and self help authors over the years, I’d own a damn vineyard by now. Having worked in the real estate industry nearly three decades(while simultaneously...

New Abundance-Building Coaching Program!

So excited to announce this AMAZING, NEW, EFFECTIVE, Abundance-building Real Estate Coaching Program unlike any program you've been in! Read more to see if this is something that resonates with you. If so, follow the link and let's chat to see if it's a good fit for...

The Science of Intention

The science of intention just got sexier, and by that I mean, there's been some major new developments that are so awesome and easy to apply that you can start immediately. Lynne McTaggart is a one of my all-time favorite science authors who has not only been a...

If You Don’t Mind it Won’t Matter

    In pursuing a lifetime passion and education in the science of intention, or more aptly put, mind over matter, I reflect on the new year in wonder. Mainly, wondering how many new people will finally give some consideration to the idea (fact?) that New Age Thought...

Talking to Second-Graders

So I went to speak to a class of cute second-graders the other day (of course I’m kidding, second-graders are not cute) to see if they had any questions I could answer that might help them navigate through life better, or at least elementary school.  Plus,...

Responsible Little You Part 1

Let’s talk today about responsibility and the messes we make. Prepare to hate me. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t you, originally. Maybe it was your mother, because, after all, she birthed you. Unless, that is, you are one of my rare monkey-bird readers who was...

Responsible Little You Part 2

Actually, I mean drive responsibly and let’s wrap up our discussion on taking responsibility. Once we grasp the importance and liberation of taking the rap for our  crap (rhymes are fun), we can start to create new crap. Wait. You know what I mean. We can...

Why the Dog Whisperer Gets Quantum Physics

While I'd never watched a single episode of the Dog Whisperer, I mistakenly assumed Cesar Milan was a dog trainer, not a quantum physicists and neuroscientist. It was only after we got the two love bugs above that we decided dog training was a must that I...

Your Abundance Odometer: How to Speed it Up

There’s a saying about your net worth being directly related to your self-worth, and I would tend to agree. Of course, that’s not to say that our self-worth isn’t also reflected in our relationships, health, and habits too, because it is. However, our financial...

The Art of Organizing Your Environment

(This is an excerpt from the new book, "It's Your Move, Inside Secrets to Buying and Selling a Home"): I was recently at my local real estate association to buy a new open house sign to for a listing.  This is the place where real estate professionals go to purchase...