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My Books

My Books

Help! The Pilot is Flying Blind!

The other day I was chatting with someone who was interviewing me on his podcast and he seemed honestly perplexed over the term “conscious creation.” It was pretty clear to me that he thought it was a new-age, woo woo term, which I quickly corrected. “You do want to...
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The Dog Whisperer “Gets” Quantum Physics

While I'd never watched a single episode of the Dog Whisperer, I mistakenly assumed Cesar Milan was a dog trainer, not a quantum physicists and neuroscientist. It was only after we got the two love bugs above that we decided dog training was a must that I finally...
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Is It Time To Take Your Real Estate Business Seriously?

Real estate sales can be TOUGH, and being a Top Agent, even tougher. What if your pipeline runs dry? What if your transactions fall through? What if you can't find any more clients or pay your bills?! You've tried other coaching programs,  but because of a fundamental...
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This is Too Hard!

At least once a week I get a PM from someone whose read my Morty book or my real estate book saying this same thing. In fact, in my real estate coaching club, we address it often, too. It goes like this: What am I doing wrong? Why is this so hard? When will it start...
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The Art of Organizing Your Environment

(This is an excerpt from the new book, "It's Your Move, Inside Secrets to Buying and Selling a Home"): I was recently at my local real estate association to buy a new open house sign to sell a home fast in Denver. This is the place where real estate professionals go...
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How To Increase Your Referral-Based Real Estate Biz in 2017

It's no secret that most of us in real estate would rather have a referral-based business than banging on cold doors where no one answers. Or worse yet, they do answer and are none too happy to find you at the other side of it. Think about the kind of business that...
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Agent Accountability

On today's Master Your Market Podcast, I talked about agent accountability, and promised to follow up with a post--so here it is. One of the main challenges I see with so many agents is...wait for it...lack of discipline. For nearly 13 years (and much of that I was a...
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Sneak Peek Preface Post

I've been outta my mind excited about my new book project. And I SWEAR it's going to be my last non-fiction book in all of ever. Or at least until next year. Anywaaaaay...I'm totally on fire about all the amazing visionaries I've been researching and writing about,...
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Real Estate Agents: Are You Branding Your Business With Value?

When I say “branding” I’m not necessarily referring to matching signs and baseball caps to set you apart. That’s fine, but that’s another conversation. Here I’m talking about attracting with value. First though, we have to target our audience. Targeting Your Ideal...
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Door-Knocking Your Dopamine

First off, if you haven’t watched my Mindset Manifesto for real estate agents, take 30 minutes and watch this video: https://youtu.be/imQi62ei230 I’m going to share with you the secret sauce of agent success. Agents are changing their lives and growing their...
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About Tamara

Tamara is  a life-time Sacramento resident. She has four grown children, one adorable grandson, and two dogs she and her husband spoil. Tamara holds advanced degrees, and has written lots of books.

If you’re in Sacramento, ask for a FREE copy of the book above:

Areas of Expertise

While I have tackled a short sale in Vacaville and a listing in Pollock Pines, my expertise is in the areas I’ve been living in the past 40 years. Born in Folsom, raised in OrangevaleFair Oaks, and the Arden Area, lived in Carmichael for more than 30 years. I know these areas exceptionally well, understand the market activity, and am very familiar with the inventory.

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