Tamara Dorris

Manifesting a More Abundant Business is Easier Than You Think

In order to have the business and life of your dreams, you must first be in alignment with that vision. Tamara takes her extreme expertise and research in the science of intention and marries it with 30 years in the real estate industry. In truth, real estate has little to do with your success in it. It’s really all an inside game which is what Tamara focuses on. Additionally real estate coaches teach what works for them, not realizing that people are different and all marketing efforts don’t work the same for everyone. Again–it’s the inside game that counts the most.

In addition to being a long-time agent, real estate professor, communications professor, team leader, top producer, office mentor and coach, Tamara has interviewed and observed thousands of top producers over the past 25 years. It was when she started teaching her real estate students what she was applying in her mainstream hypnotherapy and mindset practice that magic started to happen. New agents were taking her processes and earning top dollar, even in a down market!

As a manifestation expert (since before the film The Secret) Tamara has researched and written 23 books on the subject from all angles. From the scientific to the metaphysical to the spiritual to the practical and professional, she has discovered the very best methods and processes to help agents achieve outstanding results through AMA.

A: Alignment

M: Medicreation

A: Action and Attraction

AMA is the model Tamara teaches and uses in her introductory Agent Alignment coaching practice. From there, agents can apply for Intention Academy, a group program that takes the manifestation application to an incredible and life-changing level.

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  *Note: All agents applying for Intention Academy must first have private Agent Alignment sessions (1 to 5), and non-agents must have at least 2 private sessions. 

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Does It Seem Too Good To Be True?

I understand, but I promise you that the methods I use are proven, science-backed and age-old text supported that use neuroscience, quantum physics, and psychology to get rid of the limiting beliefs that are currently impeding your progress so we can raise your energy in ways that make you a magnet for success…and whatever that means to you.

So, Where Can You Start? What Should You Do In Order To Start Working Towards Your Dream Life?

So, If You’re Truly Serious About Achieving A Life You’re More in Love With, WHILE Still Having Time For Yourself, Your Family, And Your Passions, Start Reading My Content, It Will Give You Perspectives You Never Thought Of, And Extremely Valuable Knowledge You Can Begin to Apply Today!