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Human Intention is the Most Powerful Force on the Planet

But if intention is so powerful, then why do some of our  intentions never see the light of day? The first thing to understand is what a focused intention is. A focused intention means we don’t lose sight of the outcome we desire regardless of what seems to be to opposite of it popping up in our life at the most inopportune times. We can’t give up at the first hint of failure. Beyond that though, is the importance of our energy field. Your “intention power” is found within your base-line frequency.

Believe it or not, most everything you want or need in life has a lot more to do with your energy field than it does the economy, your ex-spouse, or whatever other things you might think are holding you back. Interestingly enough, we spend great amounts of money on education, advice, and even accountability coaching, instead of spending more time on mastering the grand master of it all; your baseline frequency.

Your baseline frequency is a lifetime accumulation of your most consistent thoughts, emotions, moods, experiences, and life style choices. This includes your SUBCONCIOUS thoughts that you might not even know you have. As you might suspect, anxiety is both an emotional and energetic drain, and unfortunately, has both it’s biological and vibrational costs. The hormones associated with stress are damaging to our physical body and our energetic biofield. The human body is not designed to stay in a high beta brainwaves; it is disastrous for your health as well as your business and your sanity. Most of us have endured more than our fair share of trauma, and trauma is the number one party pooper of a happy life. This is because trauma causes blockages in our energy flow which in turn, lowers our frequency. It is very difficult to attract good things or experience radiant health with a low vibrating frequency. It’s like trying to read in a dimly lit room at night.

When we are in high stress mode, we can’t raise our frequency and practice the super ninja mind skills I teach that just about anyone is capable of performing. By using the system, science, and technology that has been specifically designed to assist you in calming your busy brain and manifest your intentions you can raise your frequency and create a life you love. Or, you can keep living the  default one that most people experience.

After many years of researching and writing (22 books later), and exploring a wide variety of energy tools and technology, as well as coaching and teaching thousands, I help people understand how to improve their baseline energy signature. As result, this improves their well-being and increases their career success and abundance. I do this using the latest discoveries in quantum physics, brain-based systems, frequency healing, and revolutionary technology. You can cause your business to prosper with ease and grace once your whole being is living in coherence. Using sound technology, Scalar field technology, Rife Frequencies, and Radionics devices, along side my super cool energy scanning and emitting technologies, I am able to deliver unique, state-of-the-art coaching and wellness support. Visit my Services and Store pages and see what you resonate with most or read this post for my service/pricing menu: click here

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*Tamara Dorris is not  a licensed  medical or mental health professional, nor does she diagnose or treat disease. If you have a medical or mental health concern please seek the assistance of a licensed professional.

Does It Seem Too Good To Be True?

I understand, but I promise you that the methods I use are proven, science-backed and age-old text supported that use neuroscience, quantum physics, and psychology to get rid of the limiting beliefs that are currently impeding your progress so we can raise your energy in ways that make you a magnet for success…and whatever that means to you.

So, Where Can You Start? What Should You Do In Order To Start Working Towards Your Dream Life?

So, If You’re Truly Serious About Achieving A Life You’re More in Love With, WHILE Still Having Time For Yourself, Your Family, And Your Passions, Start Reading My Content, It Will Give You Perspectives You Never Thought Of, And Extremely Valuable Knowledge You Can Begin to Apply Today!

Tamara Dorris

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