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This week:

  • Reflections on Auras and soft spoons
  • Yoga Hop #8 Shala Yoga
  • Sexy Videos
  • Shameless book promotion

I’ve had Pam Oslie on the show before, and in fact, she’s one of the only people I know that reads auras, even through the telephone! (including Skype, if you must know). Pam was gracious enough to let me interview her again on the show this past week, and once again, I was blown away with her esoteric wisdom. Pam can read auras, but I can hardly read my own handwriting. Needless to say, I am very impressed with those talents that people demonstrate which cause us to pause and realize that maybe, just maybe, we are powerful beings that can shape our reality and get out of parking tickets.

In Pam’s new book, Infinite You, she even talks about her success of bending a spoon with her mind. That’s right, without any tools or torches, just  her mind alone. Can you imagine the euphoria you would feel at the sight of a droopy utensil melting right in your own hand? I tried to bend a spoon, and I’m not going to lie, I felt stupid as I stared the silverware down just as my husband was walking through the kitchen. He did what he normally does in these situations; walks faster and rolls his eyes. I love that man. So yeah, the closest I’ve come to bending a spoon with my mind is breaking a  fork with my foot, and before you act too  impressed, I must confess–it was plastic.

I used to get readings as often as I changed the oil in my car, you know, every six thousand miles or so. But I haven’t really had one in quite a long time because I haven’t found a lot of usefulness with them. Same with oil changes, now that I think about it. Today, however, I had an opportunity to chat with Pam on the phone, and once again, I was blown away by how much she ‘sees.’ Did I mention this is a woman who can talk to dead people, and I’m pretty sure find them too? I suspect that law enforcement has relied upon her skills on more than one occasion, although she didn’t come right out and say that because  she’s just not that kind of physic.

One of the things I adore most about Pam is that she’s the real deal and doesn’t seem to be swinging crystals and chanting mantras when she talks to me. This is the purpose of spiritual  evolution if you ask me; to be real and open and ready to trust something outside ourselves. And one step further, to understand on some elementary level, that we each create our own reality. And if that’s true, then how empowering is it to recognize that means we can change the reality we’ve created?!?! Super empowering!!! Listen to the show with Pam and you’ll see what I mean about all the potentialities that await us, once we open to them. Oh, and want to find out what color YOU’RE packin’? Go to Pam’s website and take a complimentary quiz to see what color your aura is. Very interesting!

Pam on Radio <———Listen!

Yoga Hop 2014: #8 Yoga Shala <———-Read!

Sexy Videos  <————Watch!

Shameless Book Promotion

The sequel to Secrets of a Spiritual Guru is out, and for the next week, I’m making it only .99 cents. Really? Yes! In fact, if you haven’t read the first one, buy that too. So little cost for so much fun. Enough with the  shameless self-promotion. On a more serious note, my grandmother needs surgery and so I’m trying to sell a lot of books. Okay, that was a lie.  Anyway, the truth of the matter is that wine is expensive. There. I feel so much better when I’m honest.

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Warrior of Worrier? Or, Why You’re Like a Caveman

images (1)

Yes, it’s a long title this week, but there is a method to my madness.

Warrior of Worrier? Or, Why You’re Like a Caveman

  • Before my fun and informative post (do I sound like a PTA Mom, or is it just me?), why not check out the video that inspired it?  So basically, our brains are hard-wired to, duh, protect us. And how does it protect us? By keeping us alert to external dangers that threaten our very existence. As I said in the video, back in the day, you were always on guard against things that might eat you. It was good then if you heard a branch crack, your brain started releasing chemicals that would allow you to…Read More
  • Do Intentions work? Holy cow, DO they!!! The Intentions workshop recently held at Arden Hot Yoga last week had lots of happy endings (not those kind of happy endings, dirty little bird). But the story that reigns supreme is someone who, with the group of about 25 of us, intended for a completely unexpected gift to come to her within 48 hours. Well, guess what? Within that exact time frame she got her unexpected gift…to the tune of $75 THOUSAND bucks. I can’t promise that outcome for everyone, but it’s amazing what happens when you put your intentions out there with a good group of people. More info.
  • Update on the last law of attraction book you’ll ever need: The cover is being designed, the endorsements are in, and the interior is being typeset, so look for a summer launch of The Law of Distraction & The Art of Intention. 


Article (cont’d from above)

gain the surge of energy you needed to run or fight. Fast forward to today, and we still are on quick alert, if say, a car cuts us off in traffic or a big burly guy in his underwear comes running at us in a shopping mall (What? Just me?). Anyway, because of this hard-wiring, we’re simply trained to be on the lookout for bad stuff. However, what this usually results in is us constantly thinking about bad stuff. Not good, because as the adage goes, what you think about, you bring about. What you focus on expands, thus, if you’re focusing on late car payments, angry words, or running out of wine (now I know this isn’t just me), you’re programming your conscious and subconscious minds to bring you exactly that.

The trick then begins with not beating ourselves up for being aware of potential  dangers since our awareness can help protect and prepare us. AND to recognize that the majority of what we think about that doesn’t make us smile and giggle is most usually needless mind banter that serves us in no positive ways. Re-programming our minds to keep a laser-like focus on good stuff helps create new neuropathways in our brains, causing different behaviors with different results.

And if you want to get a little woo woo with me, focusing on things that make us happy raises our vibrations and helps us attract things from the quantum field that match our happy little hearts. Ultimately, our lives are so much more rewarding, exciting, and fulfilling when we learn to manage our minds and emotions. One of the best ways to achieve this is through meditation and mental creation. Even a few minutes a day can help calm your mind and renew your energy system.

That’s all for now…Nama-STAY-cool.


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Your Underwear is Inside-Out

This week’s Blog is New and Sexy, right?

Well, it IS. And mainly because it’s a new format…you know, like “real” bloggers have, with links and everything. Oh, and underwear.


This week’s article:


 For the faint of heart, let me just say right now, the reading of this post does not involve the actual use of granny panties, but rather, memorable metaphor. Can we move on now? Good. Okay, so much like wearing our underwear inside out, we tend to focus the same way. Here’s the truth of the matter: when we put our attention on what we don’t want instead of what we DO want, we tend to attract MORE of what we don’t want. Let me just impress you with a touch of my scientific wisdom…*clears throat and acts important* Read More

  • If you missed the memo, I’m doing an Intention Workshop at Arden Hot Yoga 3/8 (Saturday). Learn more about the workshop here (and don’t worry, I’m having another one next month). In a nutshell, there is POWER in our Intentions. The problem is that we fail to maintain our FOCUS and what it is we want most in life. The secret is focused imagination and meditation, and you get plenty of both in this workshop. No yoga involved, but I hold them at yoga studios so I can pretend I’m a yoga instructor.
  • If you missed last week’s Yoga Hop, shame on you! Fortunately, I saved you a copy. There was no yoga hop for this week because I was teaching at Sac State & preparing for workshops. Yoga Hop #6…wow I only have 44 to go.
  • In other exciting news, my new and best novel just came out. It’s a novel based on impossible dreams,  called, Dusty Dreams, with a dash of Buddhism & meditation, which is what I teach, right? It’s also on Kindle now to. Help a girl out and pick up a copy here.
  • Also, More Secrets of a Spiritual Guru, is even better than the first one….ahem…that’s what other people are saying too so it’s not just me. Buy it!!!



So, on a quantum level we are actually comprised of 99.99% (and even I admit, that’s a heck of a lot) empty space. Oh, but don’t you worry little lamb, that empty space is not empty at all, but rather full of waves and particles interacting at a subatomic level. But now I’m just showing off. Okay, moving on. Essentially what that tells us is that a mere .0001% is actual matter. By “matter” I mean things we can touch, see, feel, and um, DRINK. But sadly, we spend all of our time focused, fearful, and worrying about the massively smaller percentage of our lives (and not drinking nearly enough).

As my good friend and colleague, Albert Einstein once said, “Life is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” (he said it at Starbucks once, but that was a long time ago). Anyway, if you realize and recognize this scientific fact–that the MAJORITY of who we are is NOT the physical lives we are muddling through–than you understand how silly it is to focus so much on the external reality and spend so little time on the internal possibilities. Our minds are our connection to all things we desire and intend, but we have to stay grounded, focused, and clear in order to manifest more than a mosquito. And mosquitoes are annoying, right?

Well, lucky for you I study all of this so obsessively and am willing to share my findings so you can use and apply it without too much elbow grease. See, Mommy takes good care of her little bear cubs. I’ll be adding a resource section to this  site for recommended reading, products that help, as well as continuing with these kinds of posts. Oh, and you can always read my books too (hint, hint).  GREAT NEWS: This summer–wait for it–I’m coming out with my best new book, The Law of Distraction & Art of Intention. Don’t you love that title? It’s all the science & spirituality of manifesting…in LOL reading. See you next time…which may be a long time, being that these dang links took me all day to figure out. XOXOXOXOXOXO


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Yoga Hop 2014: Zuda Midtown

20140220_133505My new beads from Zuda^^^^^^^^^^^^


Thought for the week:  No matter how much we try, we can never change another person. We can threaten, ignore, and stomp our feet like mad little yogis, but ultimately, we’re not changing anything except our own energy, attention, and focus.  On the flip side, we should never force ourselves to endure being treated with anything less than kindness and respect. And ultimately, when we treat ourselves well, we’ll find those who do not, slowly fade away or change their attitudes completely. We’re all one, so starting in your own mind is the surest way to freedom.

Yoga Hop:


Since Zuda has three studios, I decided to buy the 30-day Intro deal and hit all three of them within that time-range. At least it’s my goal. But don’t worry, I’ll be sure and take a different instructor each time. This week’s post is all about Zuda’s midtown location. For those who are following this blog, you know that I have a bit of out-of-my-area phobia, and this is especially true of downtown. How do people even remember which streets go which ways? Anyway, after leaving extra early, and first calling a nice young lady named Jen to find out where to park, I packed my pockets with quarters and headed off to 19th and O.

The instructor’s name was Jessica, and this was a vinyasa flow class. Jessica had herself an assistant name Michelle. I really like the assistant feature and seem to always get lucky when it comes to shoulder rubs. Maybe they can tell my shoulders are tight by the way I moan when I have to  move them. Jessica was one of the only instructors I can think of who was, well, funny. Similar to when you take a Southwest flight and the flight attendant cracks a joke, you know, while she’s explaining how you can save your life if the plane crashes? Well, Jessica was kind of like that. She would give us some dialogue, add some spiritual insight, and then a snippet of humor. I liked it. It kept things real and made my burning-butt chair pose seem a little less brutal.

Overall, the class–full of flow and koans and fun–went fairly fast. Jessica even said at one point we could do headstand if we were interested. I was not, but I thought it was nice of her to offer. Another thing I appreciated was that she kept talking about intentions. Since I’m the Queen of Intention-Setting, I found this a major plus. I always love it when an instructor has us set our intentions at the start of class, but Jessica continued to bring them up throughout the class. She was not about to let us forget whatever commitment we may have made to ourselves. I gotta respect her for that.

About the studio:

Lots of cute clothes! I bought the beads (photo above) because my credit card was on a time out, but there were lots of clothes and books that were begging for my attention. The big room I practiced in has a wall of windows that looks out onto the street and the quaint old houses across the way. It also has cubby-holes to put your personals in. There’s another room that is a bit darker and smaller, and I believe it’s for their yin classes. One thing I fell in love with was the huge gold Buddha statue. I tried to stick it in my yoga bag, but he was way too big. I rubbed his belly and kissed his head on the way out. Changing rooms, two bathrooms, and a water station are other features. I just want to add that they have a ton of things going on; special classes, events, and they even participate in fundraising efforts too, which is a totally awesome thing to do.

I look forward to visiting the other two Zudas in my 30-day plan (which technically means I have to hurry!).

Here’s the website Zuda Yoga - Folsom Yoga Center


If you like yoga and you like to laugh, check out my Secrets of a Spiritual Guru series! 

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog, and please look both ways before crossing. Especially when driving downtown.


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Yoga Hop 2014: Yoga Loka #4

download (1)

This week’s thought: I recently read something about what separates wealthy people from poor people that I found very interesting. It said that wealthy people spend their time thinking about ideas, whereas less wealthy people spend their time thinking about other people. In a spiritual perspective, we might be able to take that even further and say the difference between enlightened people is that they spend their time giving to others, while less enlightened people spend their time taking from others. Whether it’s a smile, a favor, or a kind word—we always have something to offer others. Namaste.

Yoga Loka!

Inching further away from my comfort zone and nearing closer toward downtown, I thought Yoga Loka might be a good place to hit next. This studio features Hot Yoga, and it seems that it’s all in the “B” style, with the same series of postures and all that funny breathing at the beginning and end.  Like always, I had no preconceived notions of what the studio would be like or what kind of experience I might have.

I was greeted by a long, lanky man with stark white hair who was on the phone, but still smiled warmly and invited me in. He looked like he’d lived in a yoga studio and the tropics, alternatively, his whole life. I would later learn it was Bill, who owns the place along with his wife, Sandy.

A Lovely, soft spoken Asian woman named Jihong was instructing. She was much different than other instructors I’ve had who teach this style of hot yoga. I’m serious here when I tell you that I once had a hot yoga 26-pose person scold me when she caught me looking at the person next to me in the mirror. I also got in trouble once for wiping sweat off my upper lip. Well, this instructor was nothing like that, and I was glad.

As the class proceeded and we assumed the poses, every now and then, the lovely instructor would say, “nice and beautiful,” in a soft Chinese accent. I smiled when she said it, hoping she was talking to me. I have to admit, I really liked all the mirrors. I find that I can hold balancing postures better when I can use my own nose in the mirror as a focal point. What? Is that weird? Anyway, I can always tell when my practice is having the desired effect when I forget external things that have been on my mind, like why does the IRS hate me so much, what should I fix for dinner, and God am I glad I didn’t wear my stretchy star pants to this studio.

“Beautiful and nice.” There is was again. I wanted to see who she was talking to, but the sweat was in my eyes. So, I decided to pretend she was talking to me each time she said it. Never mind the 25 other students who were  also working and pouring with sweat.  Balance, however, seemed to elude me when it came time to fly like a bird—or rather, stand like an Eagle. This is the pose where we work 14 different joints. I am fairly sure I do not have that many joints, but according to Mr. B, I do. Anyway, just as nice and beautiful Jihong was kindly requesting we our raise our beaks and lower our behinds, I came completely out of pose. The eagle had landed.

The studio is huge, bright, and amply mirrored. I’m guessing the blonde wood floor has surely seen its share of second chakras, based on the white tape lines that have somewhat worn off. I like the idea of tape lines so I know exactly where to put my mat. If I’d been feeling a little more rebellious, I’d have placed it right in the middle of the tape line, you know, just to see if I got in trouble or anything, ‘drop to your knees and give me a Lion’s Pose.’

It’s an older building, tiny lobby, and clearly has a list of dedicated clientele. Plus, I think they have Pilates next door, so  I’ll be visiting here again. Besides, it’s nice and beautiful.

Found this great Groupon deal       Yoga Loka: Website

Yoga Loka

 PS– If you’re interested in an Intention Workshop that will help you learn how to better manifest your intentions in powerful ways, by using your own energy and the energy of others in the room…check out this!

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Yoga Hop 2014: ASHA Yoga #3

download (7)


This Week’s Thought: When we find that space where it’s just us and our breath, we can remember who we really are because we are fully present. And in the state of being present, we can let go of the illusion that anything is ever separate from us.  We are all one. That is yoga to me.


I’ve seriously considered changing this from “Yoga Hop,” to “Yoga Tour,” because, you know, rock stars go on tour, and they are really cool. Anyway, part of this process for me involves getting outside of my comfort zone. I find downtown very uncomfortable. It’s all the one-way streets and lack of parking that frighten me most. Add to that the whole new-car-that’s-smarter-than me thing, and I’m feeling vulnerable. Never mind that I’ve lived in Sacramento since Stan Atkins was reporting live from Vietnam. Anyway, I was pleased to find out there was a studio in mid-town. Baby steps and all.

Asha Yoga was an unexpected spiritual experience for me. The studio itself is long and inviting. I tell myself each week I will not talk about floors, but they appear to be an obsession of mine. I loved the floors! Dark, distressed wood coupled with the rust colored walls made me just want to sink into the Earth and maybe stay til dinner time. The class was small, only three of us, and led by an instructor named Dana. I must be getting older because the more studios I go to, I swear there are instructors younger than my yoga mat. Dana was no exception. She started the class in a unique way–at least from most Vinyassa flows I practice–in that we did some sort of feet-together-squat with our heels down. My heels did not want to go down. Dana told us we could place a blanket under our heels if we needed to. I needed to. Then we bent over. I do not know the name of  this pose, but I’m calling it Vertical Baby Frog. What? Too long?

Dana rocked at dialogue. At first I thought the class was going to be a little too easy, but before  long, I realized it was exactly what I needed (and it was not too easy!). The instruction and environment allowed me to get into my zone a little quicker than usual, and nice-Dana was pretty brutal when it came to core work. I couldn’t help but admire her boat pose. I swear she looked like a perfect banana, whereas, I looked more like a twisted yam.

I’m a big fan of touch. I realize that when there are a lot of students in a class, the instructor can’t correct alignment on everyone, and I’m not advocating teachers fondle their students–at least not without permission– however, a nice, well-placed touch now and then can be very useful. Dana did not disappoint in this department. The door-prize came at the end. There we are lying in our final Shavasana–where the real magic happens–and I catch a whiff of lavender.


I feel my arms melt as Dana smooths  my collar bones, gently pulling down my shoulders that were jumping with joy. At that moment, I considered having another child just so I could name her Dana. Maybe my next fish will have to do? Having lavender lotion and joints soothed after all those planks was brilliant in my book. In fact, I think I’d pay extra for that.

The lobby of ASHA is hip with good energy and cute clothes. I picked up a copy of Plus One, Finding God On The Yoga Mat, by studio owner, Cori Martinez. After reading several chapters, I realized the reason the vibes of the studio felt so good. I’m a big believer that the energy of an environment is tangible and directly related to the  people who inhabit it. Cori’s love of yoga and people are apparent the moment you walk through the doors. It’s really a nice studio to visit. I give it five planks.






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Yoga Hop 2014: #2 Leap

images (2)

When I committed to practicing  and blogging about 50 new yoga experiences this year, I didn’t realize there were only 33 area studios. So in order to reach my goal, I may find myself doing some double visits with different instructors or venturing outside of the Sacramento Area. This second option scares me, considering I got lost going to Folsom. The saddest part? I was born there.


I was instantly surprised and impressed when I walked into the studio that was so big I needed an usher. The instructor, Stacy, is tall, blonde, and beautiful and could be a poster child for Lululemon. The first thing I noticed was that she was wearing a headset. A headset? I admit the room was large, but at first I felt like I was taking a class from Brittany Spears. I wondered it Stacy would be singing us into our poses.

The room had awesome floors, which quite honestly is something I pay attention to. I mean really, with all those downward dogs, we’re going to be  looking at and laying on them quite a bit. I tried not to stare at the big alter in the front of the room. A statue of an elephant who appeared to have an extra set of arms stared out at  us, but he looked friendly enough, and I reminded myself he was not real.

Before long, Stacy had us moving and flowing and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. This is when I noticed a guy walking around touching people. Hmmm….should I notify the authorities? Did Stacy not mind that this guy with the very colorful calf tattoos was touching all of her students?  But then, when I was in the middle of my triangle pose, said toucher-person, helped me bend further and in better alignment. I would later learn, unlike a pool boy, Sid, is an assistant yoga instructor. He is is a very loving energy worker and  I am glad I did not have him arrested.

Just as Instructor Stacy had me wiping the spiritual sweat from my cheekbones, something happened. Assistant Sid shuts the ceiling-to-floor curtains over the windows that had filled the room with blue sky and sunshine, the lights go low, the music blares, and I’m in in a nightclub! Wait! Where are the cocktails? I’m wondering this and halfway expecting Brittany to break out in song and quick dance moves. I’m desperately hoping I can keep up with the fast-paced Folsom crowd. But before long, the rush is over, the shoulders and backs of toned bodies glisten in the moon light…oh wait, those are black lights (in a yoga studio?), and I am spent.

Somewhere in there, the enormous fan that covers the entire room and parts of Florida, began blowing hot air. It seemed as though just when we began to get our yin on, everything softened, including the climate and sound system. Stacy started sharing words of wisdom, which is one of my favorite parts of any yoga class. She told us that life is yoga. That arguing with a spouse, quieting a crying child, or struggling to fit into our yoga pants…wait, I just made that last one up. Anyway, she explained that all of life is yoga, and I happen to very much agree.

The studio itself has a nice retail offering, just in case you feel the need to buy a pair of earrings following your plank pose. Oh, and they carry my book, but we can’t fault them for that, now can we? The studio ranks high in swagger and style, with a very spiritual vibe (like I said, the elephant seemed nice enough), and the instructor, Stacy, was amazing. I highly recommend you take a class with her, even if you have to book a flight from Kalamazoo, it will be worth it. She may even validate your parking.

Leap offers workshops, new student specials, showers, water station and a lobby to chill in afterward…you know, in case you want to read my book or something. Give it a whirl and say hello to the elephant for me.


LEAP Website




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Yoga Hop 2014: Aha!

download (2)

My thought for the week: Sometimes life is about letting go of what you planned on and going with where you’re taken. Without resistance. That’s how I ended up at Aha Yoga, in fact. When we stop our busy minds and realize that there are more moving parts than we could ever possibly imagine, life becomes a dance. An opportunity to try new things and not be stuck in stagnation. Letting go is never giving up, but instead, softening. Becoming more of who we are and less of who we think we’re supposed to be. Have a beautiful week.


I popped in to this studio with no expectations. I hadn’t heard much about it and didn’t even know where it was located but when traffic lights were out and the whole state of California apparently needed to use Sunrise Boulevard  I decided to duck into the Calico Shopping Center and hit Trader Joe’s til the traffic calmed down. You can imagine my delight when I saw the Aha Yoga sign standing proud like a Warrior II.

I’m all about choices so I instantly admired that there were two classes to choose from. Did I want to get all sweaty with Bikram or did I prefer to fuel my own heat with a warm Vinyasa class?  I opted for warm.

Of course I had to check out the Bikram room too, mostly because I’m nosy like that. It was nice and hot and I almost stayed for tea, but remembered I had a greater mission to accomplish. Inside the large Vinyasa room, I felt instantly at peace. Moss green walls and shiny wood floors with very cool, natural branch window and wall treatments. It was like being in a yoga forest.

The instructor, who I will refer to as Andrea—mostly because that’s her name, seemed very grounded. Oh, make that “On-Draya”  if you want to pronounce it properly.

Anyway, Andrea/Ondraya was all soft and spiritual and sweet. She told us that today we would work on twists. She mentioned something about getting all the toxins out and improving our spines. I was happy with her decision because, quite frankly, I’d been feeling a bit like a dirty dishcloth lately. A good twisting could really ring me out.  I couldn’t wait to enliven my spine and squish my organs. You know what I mean.

I decided I would spend the class releasing tension and twisting because I was fairly sure—based on Andrea’s gentle nature and soft, meditative voice, that it would be a fairly easy flow. That Andrea is a tricky one, though.  And I’m talking, reverse-half-moon and bird-of-paradise tricky.  Before long, I wondered if it was really the same room that only a little while earlier I thought was a bit too cool but now, might be a nice place to take a nap. She even had us do a Pyramid pose with airplane arms! That was not as easy as it sounds.

By the time it was over and the lights went  lower, I was asleep in corpse pose. Feeling very spiritual and somewhat sweaty.

Now, about the studio. This very large space never seemed to end. Besides a terrific-sized lobby and two practice rooms, there is a big changing room, a super-sized area for storing personal  items, and I think I saw another room…either that or I am completely making it up. I was super impressed when I notice after class, the big basket of oranges on the counter next to a container of Pink Himalayan sea salt. Pink salt!

But seriously, if you take a bit of orange and then stick a chunk of salt in your mouth, it makes you feel like you live in Santa Monica.  Okay not really but it does help replace your ions on something like that. And they do do the salt thing in Santa Monica (but they get rather pissy when you ask to take some home).

Also, I would like to add that when you visit this studio, be sure to leave your credit card in the car. Trust me on this. It’s too late for me, but save yourself.  See my cool new yoga pants? I will wear these for my more patriotic poses.


20140114_105946 (2)

They also had some awesome jewelry…some beautiful pieces by Maya Kini. And guess what? Andrea the instructor has her jewelry there too (Andrea Keller Creations)! Oh, and I was impressed to hear about all the workshops and classes they’ve got going. Hopefully they’ll post some in our Sacramento Yoga Community Facebook group, because really, with 49 more blogs to write on the variety of studios and instructors in Sacramento, I may need a good yin class.

Check out Aha Here! aha


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My Crazy Yoga Quest


Can I do 50 (studios) in (20)14?

Some people backpack around Europe. Others hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Me? I just yoga hop.

So I decided to set myself a challenge that, with teaching, writing, and selling a house here and there—will be,um, challenging.

Think : Julie and Julia. With me so far? But instead of going through all of Julia Child’s recipes, trying to cook them and then blogging the results…

I am going to visit a different yoga studio every week and blog about it. Now keep in mind, this is NOT about, oh they had nice flooring, but rather, about MY experience. Of course, I will do my due diligence and follow up my blog post with a yelp comment, because, hey, what’s a yogi to do?

It started innocently enough. I realized that we have this amazing yoga community in Sacramento, but most of us find the closest studio and stick with it—which is fine as wine (and I like wine). But it occurred to me that there are so many studios and yogis to meet. What an adventurer I am!

I realize that this may earn me a reputation as a yoga-hopper, and I have come to terms with that. We cannot all be perfect. Heck, I am still working on my corpse pose. (Just lay there, damn it).

I figure there are at least/about 50 studios in the Greater Sacramento Area. I will go as high as El Dorado, as far as Elk Grove (if I have to), and even parts of Wisconsin. Okay, I’m not really going to Wisconsin. But there are a ton of downtown studios. I may need a backpack after all?

*P.S. I won’t be hitting private clubs or topless bars. Um, unless you want to invite me to one? Private clubs I mean*

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If you have a studio suggestions that are not on this page, please let me know.

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These are the studios I have found that I will visit. If you can think of any additional ones that I have not named and that are within my perimeters for travel, please let me know. In order to still meet my goal of 50, I will be visiting some studios twice, taking a different style class with a different instructor. PS…these are in no particular order of agenda:

  1. Arden Hot Yoga
  2. Aha Yoga
  3. Fusion
  4. Sunrise Hot Yoga
  5. Padme Yoga Center
  6. Leap
  7. Asha
  8. It’s All Yoga
  9. Yoga Loka
  10. The Yoga Seed Collective
  11. One Flow
  12. Zuda
  13. Zuda
  14. Zuda
  15. East Wind Yoga
  16. Radiant
  17. Bikram Yoga Sacramento
  18. Lotus Garden
  19. Sacramento Yoga Center
  20. Bikram Yoga Natomas
  21. Aeri Yoga
  22. Healing Alternatives Meditation Center
  23. Rise Yoga Studio
  24. Veera Yoga
  25. Yoga Shala
  26. Bikram Yoga Granite Bay
  27. The Yoga Solution
  28. Practice Yoga
  29. Kevala Yoga
  30. Gen-Nih Yoga
  31. My Yoga Room


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Intend THIS: An Hour of Intention Power Just For YOU!

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Like most people, I was in Utkatasana (chair pose) trying to open my second chakra while my coffee was heating up, when I realized the importance of commitment.

I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Sitting down and jotting down the same thing every year seems rather redundant. I still have not lost that ten pounds, so why bother, right? In reality, resolutions are silly. I mean, if we resolve to do something, then we need to get it done. Clearly, if we’re writing down the same things year after year and things aren’t changing, we got a problem.

I am, however, a BIG FAN of Intentions.

The power of Intentions is phenomenal. Moves mountains and shit. Seriously good stuff happens when we set an Intention. Wanna know what I think? I think that resolutions are things we say we want, whereas Intentions are our heart’s truest desires. The thing we want so badly we can taste them. The things that make us jump out of the bed in the morning and keep us going long past lunchtime and into cocktail hour.

I first read Lynne McTaggart’s books several years ago. Her first one rocked!  As a science writer she presented a pretty, um, scientific perspective on our universe and how our thoughts affect things outside ourselves. Her next book, The Intention Experiment dove deeper into these ideas and really proved further how very powerful our intentions are. Of course, then there’s my guy, Wayne Dyer, who wrote a wonderful book on this same topic. 

When we truly Intend something, there is no Plan B. No alternative. No, what-if-it-doesn’t-happen loop hole. It’s simply something that’s going to happen. That’s it. End of story. It’s really when we put our money where our mouths are, and make a demonstrable commitment to have what we say we’re going to have. Whether you Intend on doubling your sales, starting that new business, writing that book, meeting an amazing someone, or (finally) mastering a headstand.

The Plan

Because there is power in numbers. Because there is power in stating your Intention out loud (even if you’re the only one in the room), I came up with a really cool way—in our own cozy cosmic community—where we can help one another with our Intentions. Awesome, right?

On this week’s show, which we’re calling, The Hour of Intention, here’s what’s going to happen: the first 20-30 minutes will be a spirited, informative discussion on this thing called Intentions. We’ll make sure you’re very clear on how to find the right one to focus on as well as how to word it. Then, we’ll take some calls, allowing several people who are brave enough to state their intention for the entire world to hear. Finally, we’ll join together in a 15 minute guided Intention Manifestation Meditation for not only our own Intentions, but for the rest of the listeners too!



Here’s where it gets REALLY COOL. Because while the Power of Intentions are amazing all by themselves, as part of the meditation, we will ALL be sending Intentions that everyone who listens has their Intentions come true too. Get it? In addition to live callers, we generally get a couple thousand after-show podcast listeners too. And I bet we can get another couple thousand to at least tune in for the last 15 minutes to add to the energy. Do you understand that thousands of people could be Intending that YOUR Intention comes true? Even someone who catches the podcast six months later will still be sending YOU energy for YOUR Intentions.

Could anything be cooler? I mean, besides your Intention actually coming true?

While we all want world peace and better parking spaces, it really boils down to this: are you willing to make this the year that you finally shake things up? Tear down the fears and make some damn noise? I say we bring in this New Year like we own it, damn it.

The show starts at noon. Call in the switchboard by 12:20 if you’d like to be one to (anonymously) state your Intention and have a whole lot of people send you some good energy.  We’ll only have time for maybe ten of you, but don’t worry, we’ll all get the power of thousands of Intenders. If you can’t listen live, for pete’s sake, listen to the podcast later…even if only the final 15 minutes. Be nice and play along.

The cyber skies will buzz.

Show Link (to listen live online or catch podcast later)  Thursday, January 9th at noon, pst. (but the recording will be up forever :-)

CALL IN NUMBER:  (646) 929-2557


You can also tweet me your intention if you want me to read it on the air –time permitting–(@tamaradorris) if you won’t be around. First names or no names (let me know). FB messages or email works too.

PS…Who am I to be guiding meditations and talking intentions? Look here.

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